Eight Saints got me off prescription meds, I am now free of negative side effects!

Satisfied customers provide the proof!

Consistent Relief.

I started taking Eight Saints CBD last year and have really been enjoying this product. I’ve had chronic lower back pain since my college days, the result of a sports injury. The CBD really addresses the inflammation issues and provides consistent relief, not to mention I’m sleeping so much better these days too. Eight Saints CBD is a really clean product as well which is very important to me. Derived from 100% organic hemp grown close to home here in Colorado, it’s a very easy product to take and feel good about.

Eric W. – Eight Saints CBD Customer

Completely Helps My Mobility.

I had an old shoulder injury that was super uncomfortable many days.  I don’t like to take much medication, so I thought I just had to suffer through the pain.  When I found Eight Saints CBD, I decided to try it, and after a few days of taking the tincture regularly my shoulder pain was all but gone.

John S. – Eight Saints CBD Customer

Helped Me So Much!

Eight Saints Brand is doing the trick. I use heat and ice on my injury and have a couple of Tylenol around 7:00 each night. I have no pain at night and am getting a good night’s sleep EVERY night! I know that’s helped my healing so much. I have also been going to PT and am able to walk around the house with no crutches these last 2 days. My PT guy is a big proponent of CBD products and is delighted that your product has helped me so much.

D.G. – Eight Saints CBD Customer

I didn’t have to take naproxen. 

I thought I’d give it a try, mainly for my knee pain and back. I don’t have pain all the time but more so if I overexert myself. My back hurt the other day so I took some. After a while it was better, and I didn’t have to take naproxen. 

Ilene J. – Eight Saints CBD Customer

I am a caregiver for my husband who has Parkinson’s so I need to sleep well and have energy. I also have arthritis pain in my back and hands. Since I have been taking Eight Saints CBD tincture I am sleeping better and have less pain. I love avocados so the subtle flavor is nice.  I am 80 years old so it is never too late to try something new.

Nina R. – Eight Saints CBD Customer

Increased energy

I’ve had anxiety, trouble sleeping and apnea for 25 years, as well as, chronic back pain from decades of sports. Since I began using Eight Saints CBD a month ago I have slept incredibly better with each passing week, experienced less  back and joint pain and increased energy throughout the day.

Mike 44. – Eight Saints CBD Customer

Wow – Great Flavor

Wow! That is super unique. As someone who owns an organic hemp farm, I’ve tried A LOT of CBD but nothing that tastes like this. Great job!

Adrian – Eight Saints CBD Tester

Use it Everyday

I love Eight Saints CBD for its simplicity.  Pure organic CBD isolate and natural avocado oil–that’s it, nothing else added.  It tastes great. Looking forward to long-term results!

Douglas R. – Eight Saints CBD Tester