Pain Management And The Challenges We Face.

My dad was a very accomplished writer, editor and publisher for most of his life. He won numerous awards, taught thousands of students, was heavily involved in the local community and literally wrote millions of words on his typewriter and in longhand over his esteemed career.

Writing with Parkinson’s can be very difficult and frustrating.

He was a friend to all, a great mentor, a champion of ethics in journalism, and a kind and loving father.

He also suffered from Parkinson’s.

In the later stages of the disease, he was not able to write, type or remember much of anything.

This morning, I was reading how the Michael J Fox foundation, has come out in support of three specific reform bills in the U.S., the first of which would make it easier to pursue cannabis research—particularly into Parkinson’s disease.

The article states, “Improved access to cannabis around the world has prompted a flurry of new research that holds the potential to unlock new treatments and therapies into a wide range of diseases. Clinical trials to test the effects of CBD on Parkinson’s disease are already about to get underway in the U.K. researchers are hopeful the drug can provide relief from the psychosis and delusions that can accompany the disease.

The study will also look at the effect of CBD on other symptoms, which will pave the way for scientists to investigate the potential of the compound in treating these in future studies,” said Sagnik Bhattacharyya, one of the lead researchers of the trial. “We hope this will progress to large-scale clinical trials—the final step towards becoming a new treatment that will improve the lives of people with Parkinson’s.”

I remember a few years ago, my Dad was taking over 30 meds a day.

It wasn’t always like this…

Most of his life, my dad ate relatively well and took a few multi-vitamins, but as the years went on, and the disease progressed, the meds piled up. And worse, he didn’t know what they were for, and couldn’t remember which ones he had taken and when. Every week my mom placed the meds in a multi-compartment container, but this in itself took hours, and many of the pills looked the same.

I thought to myself, “When did it get like this?”

Too many prescriptions, too many opposing recommendations by well-meaning, yet time-crunched doctors, too many chances for complications related to the dangers of mixing drugs, not checking labels, and other common issues that are experienced by millions of Americans each day.  

There needs to be a better way.

Overprescription and overuse of OTC and opioids as well as general pain management, may be the #1 challenge aging Americans may face in the next 30 years. The research, dedication and efforts that the Michael J. Fox Foundations is worthy and commendable, but we need to do more.

Recently, I spoke to 200 people at Windcrest retirement community in Littleton, Colorado. The subject was pain management and the differences between CBD and THC.

If you or any of your loved ones are experiencing pain and have questions about how CBD can help, you should find this information useful. Learn more about the differences between Cannabis, Hemp, THC and CBD for pain management by clicking here basics.

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I’m curious, 

What is the #1 issue you face right now, or that you see coming that will cause challenging issues around pain management and medications for your loved ones or you? 

Reply to this article and let me know. I read every response.

Live well and take charge of your pain management.


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